SSB Interviews



The reasonable, impartial and secure framework of SSB is based on 7 selection determinants and 15 O.L.Q.s to examine the potent signs of an efficient defence officer within the period of 4 to 5 days. Now the whole test spanning 4 to 5 days has been concussed in the form of a screening test through which the candidate is judged and assessed. Candidates are further screened by three assessors named as mini board who assess the psycho-physical makeup of the candidates by their actions and reactions. The aim of this test is to choose the right material. It is purely introduced on an experimental basis for a duration of one or two years in 1998, depending on its performances inferences have been drawn for its future detainment and applicability by the high policymakers of the D.I.P.R. At present, the bulk of students approach the SSB after clearing the simplest UPSC designed written examination. For defense trained DIPR scientists, it is becoming quite hectic to test a large number of candidates considering the job requirement of three wings of the defence services. Those landing great positions owe it to their intelligent quotient, but it is seen that they fail to climb the success ladder because their E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) gets disturbed. Remembering these and to enhance the strength of the three wings of the services DIPR has designed special screen out systems to test the I.Q. and E.Q. and its equilibrium so that the deserving candidates do not lag behind in achieving their ambition and to make the system more scientific and reliable. Now E.Q., a test has been put under the suspension and yet it has not been reincepted.


Till now it is seen that the candidates who possess the flair of mathematics and with a science background easily qualify the screening tests. Though the testing booklets are very few and repeaters are well familiar with the screening framework and furthermore know about the series of questions available in all the centres whereas, the newcomers are not. With the introduction of the new system, the difference in comprehension between freshers and repeaters will be made up and the real intelligence/traits of the decently balanced personality can be assessed thoroughly.


It is seen that higher the age, less adaptable and flexible the candidate’ and to mold, the candidate of the age group exceeding 21 slightly appears to be tough. Keeping this in mind this new method of testing is being introduced where not only analytical skills are tested but the balanced personality comes out, and the mental and physical characteristics of an individual can be well assessed in front of all the three assessors and decision is taken from psychological group behavior and communicating skills. Scientific applicability related to the deserving candidates is more and transparency can be well judged between the assessors.


  1. To induct more flexible, more trainable and more balanced personality.
  2. To determine the right traits/aptitude for the services
  3. To test the emotional quotient along with intelligence quotient.
  4. To remove the veil put by coaching institutions.
  5. To supplant the below/substandard candidates by deserving candidates.
  6. To reduce the pressure on assessors as well as to the government exchequer. 7. To make three days a week for the assessors there by reducing the psychological stress on them.
  7. To raise the dimension of officers.
  8. To strengthen the quality combat forces of the country.
  9. To change the stale old techniques.


This new system is a step towards making system more fool-proof and those who naturally possess the requirements of the services either by birth or had acquired with diligence will be easily recommended by the selection centres. At present 60% to 80% of the candidates are screened as they are neither achievers in academic nor in outdoor activities. To enhance the result now the candidates have to introspect them along with sincere efforts and intelligent approach to qualify. Why the procedure is applicable to NDA / IMA/OTA and direct entries but not to the IAF flying branch: If we test the flexibility we will find that more rigidity does not suit the regimentation but degrades the emotional stability as well. An NDA candidate is youthful, very adaptable, trainable and it can be easily molded into the regimentation. In IAF Navel entry job requirements are different and in former SSB tests the flying aptitude and in later besides technical aptitude dynamism is tested. Hence this test is not applicable to the IAF flying branch. As for as the IMA/OTA/ Direct Entries/University Entries, women entry are concerned, maturity level, social effectiveness, frustration is high and thereby E.Q. gets degraded and if candidates possessing high I.Q. with low E.Q. are inducted, the level of officers in the services will degrade. The intention behind this test is to sort out a balanced personality possessing all the O.L.Qs induction in NDA/ IMA/OTA and in other entries are more thereby forming the 75% of the total strength of the services and with this high strength high profile prestigious jobs in the eyes of the country’s men cannot be degraded.